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Introducing Lumocs: A Modern Documentation Engine Based On Deno And Lume

by Hexagon,

Meet Lumocs, a documentation generator powered by JavaScript through Deno and Lume. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to set it up, create your first documentation page, and deploy your site.

If you want a quick showcase, check out the Lumocs Documentation, which is generated by Lumocs itself.

Creating A Dynamic Css Color Palette For Both Light And Dark Modes

by Hexagon,

Today, I have an exciting CSS trick to share. When working on Lumocs, I wanted users to be able to set a color of their choice and have the page automatically adapt to that color. I had the idea of using CSS variables to achieve this. Lumocs supports both light and dark modes, so this had to be automatic as well. After some tinkering, I discovered a technique that enables you to generate a full color palette using any hue for both light and dark modes using only CSS.